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Blending In

50 screens.

I could see 50 screens from my seat at BW3s one afternoon. I actually counted. 50 screens of varying sizes with several different shows, games, or promotions all wanting my attention. There was even a screen installed in the wall of the booth!

It felt like a perfect example for the challenge we face as marketers: get our message through to the right person without getting lost in the sea of ads.

The analogy became even better once our lunch meeting started. When conversation began, all 50 screens got ignored. Despite their best efforts with sports highlights, classic football games, and interactive elements, every single screen ceased to exist.

So why do we think contributing to this noise with a ‘blast it out there to as many people as possible’ mindset will be effective? Because it’s easier? Because we’ve always done it that way? Because it’s simply “what we do”?

None of those sound like a good reason to do anything.