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If you want to get anywhere, do anything, you have to leave the neighborhood. You have to actually drive.

Nothing new is going to appear on those neighborhood streets. And, if you’re satisfied with sameness, it’s a good place to stay.Just don’t try to convince us (or yourself) that you’re actually going somewhere.

I’m guilty of this a lot of the time. This site is a perfect example. Before the first blog post was made public, I spent so much time on things that didn’t really matter (WordPress theme, color scheme, titles, etc…). It was familiar, safe, and fun – all the things a neighborhood should be. But it wasn’t getting me anywhere. Don’t get me wrong – design is extremely important. But, in this case, the content is the most crucial component. A stunning blank page isn’t going to be much of a website.

Are you getting any closer to your destination today? Will you get in the driver’s seat, start the engine, and drive?

Circling the block doesn’t count.

It may rack up miles and, to the average person, look like you’re headed somewhere. But, once you go past that same person a second and third time, they’re going to realize you aren’t headed anywhere at all. In fact, you’ll appear lost, confused, or scared.