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I’m In

A few years ago I was the Music Director for a local production of the musical “Funny Girl.” Before rehearsals began, I contacted musicians to play for the show. For anyone who hasn’t played an instrument for a musical, I’ll let you know it isn’t a light commitment. It involves lots of time, effort, and patience with no thrill of the spotlight (because it’s never on you).

One of the guys texted back saying he was interested. I sent him all the details and he said “I’m in!”

About an hour and a half later I got the following text from him:
“By the way i do not have you in my phone…who is this?”

He signed on for the project with enthusiasm and didn’t even realize who he would be working with.

That’s the kind of person I always want to work with; someone who realizes it’s not about him and whether he gets along with every single person on the team. It’s about working together and putting something great into the world for others to enjoy. Making a positive impact.

When that’s your goal – your driving force in life…you’ll find yourself much happier with any project.